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Kevinia Francis


Any one who knows Kevinia knows that she rarely backs down from a challenge. She began imagining an all-woman crew in 2015 when the first team from Antigua and Barbuda, Team Wadadli, entered the event. In her own words, she said an instant yes “because this challenge epitomizes all that I live for in one go: sports, travel, competition, country, charity, new experiences and creating memories.” The 40-year-old is a certified health-and-fitness trainer and a bar manager at Island B-Hive Party Stand. She’s a title-winning, all-round athlete who excels in basketball, cycling, martial arts and track-and-field. Completing the more than 3,000-mile row is a basic for Kevinia. The goal for the TWAC2018 is to best among the women and to challenge to be the best overall.

Letter from Kevinia

Join us on this journey

“Are you mad?” – or some such variation – is the most popular response I get when I tell people I’m part of the team entering the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018.

Those who really know me might make a case for that – that I’m slightly loco. Still, that has nothing to do with my decision.

Honestly, the race really came under my notice in 2015 when the first team from Antigua and Barbuda participated. By the time the second team got out there last year my inner girl was already saying “hmmm.” When Scott Potter, a member of team two, threw out the challenge to me, as soon as he said it, I thought to myself, “why not?” To be asked to take on this adventure was an honor. The answer was an instant “yes!”

I’m an all-round sportswoman – basketball, cycling, martial arts, netball, track-and-field and cycling. In my professional life, I am a certified personal trainer and wellness coach. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a Masters in Physical Therapy. In my personal life, I’m competitive. I live to raise my game, and I’m always looking for the next challenge.

I grew up in Antigua, which boasts 365 beaches, but unlike the members of the first two teams, I did not grow up on the sea. Besides leisure dips and picnics, real intimacy with water came this year, as I prepare for TWAC 2018.

If I am anything, I am an exemplar of dogged determination. My competitive drive propels me to excel at all that I undertake. Among my strengths is my physical strength, my willpower and the fact I always finish strong. I am also a consummate team player.

I am excited about the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018. Team Antigua Island Girls, as we are called, aim to win the Women’s Division and to be among the top five finishers.

Our coach, Eli Fuller, skipper of Team Antigua Atlantic Rowers, is putting us through our paces on the water and generally guiding us given his TWAC alum status and lifelong experience as a seafarer.

We’re also putting in the work in the gym and in every sphere of our lives. We are supported by a team that is committed to all things administrative, so we can spend the next few months training.

We are compelled to support a cause that works in the best interests of women and girls, which is why we settled on Cottage of Hope. The organization takes care of girls who have been abused, neglected or orphaned.

Much has been said about the mileage the TWAC brings to Antigua and Barbuda as a tourism destination and how that is magnified when we have a team participating. Team Antigua Island Girls is not just the first all-woman team from Wadadli but also the first all-woman team from the Caribbean to attempt this feat. Our overarching aim is to marry trailblazing with a competitive row.

We’re counting on the support of people, corporations and organizations near and far, and certainly all of Antigua and Barbuda. We need an approximate USD $150,000.00 to get us to the starting line. Any surplus will go towards our charity.

We’d love to haul in a big sponsor or two, but we are also guided by the Antiguan adage one, one full basket, so contribute what you can.

We’re also courting support by way of volunteers, individuals, experts and service providers, and cheerleaders.

Respond when we contact you. Support the fundraisers that will begin soon. And drop us a line to let us know that we have your moral support.

Together we can, because who run the world? Girls, of course.

Team Antigua Island Girls. Can you picture the possibilities?

One love,



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