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Elvira Bell


A natural athlete at ease on the track, in the dojo, in the gym or in the pool, Elvira is a Level 2 Learn-to-swim Instructor and a certified health coach. Her passions are natural health and wellness. The 36-year-old earns her living as a flight dispatcher at LIAT 1974 Ltd.  Initially, she said no when asked owing to a bad boating experience. It turned out that the answer was simply reflexive and, after consideration – and subliminal gestures from teammate Kevinia – her adventurous side kicked in. No became yes. Besides, Elvira and Kevinia are twins born of different mothers. She said, “If anyone knows us, where she (Kevinia) goes I go, and I would feel comfortable knowing we are in it together. Her aim, she said, is “to rise and conquer.”

Letter from Elvira

Why Not?

I said a fast and fleeting no when I was first asked about the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. What I can now say is that a relatively minor incident overpowered my initial reaction. Then I quickly remembered the little girl I used to be, the one who longed to be a mermaid, and my no became yes. Some people continue to ask why? I ask, “Why not?”

I love adventure and nature and revel in a challenge. Since throwing my hat in the ring, it has helped that the training, both in the gym and on the water, has come instinctively to me. That’s not to say that it isn’t hard work; it’s just that as far as athletics go, I’m a natural. I have enjoyed a lifetime of involvement and success in sports, to include martial arts, swimming, road races for fun and overall fitness.

I am a certified wellness coach, and when I am not on my substantive job as a flight dispatcher for LIAT 1974 Ltd, I am working with people regarding their wellness, primarily focusing on meals.

I’m passionate about health and wellness, and I find satisfaction at the end of a good, tough workout. I’m bringing this attitude with me across the Atlantic.

It is no small matter that my 14-year-old son is my biggest supporter on this venture. When I think about how I’m always telling him to see possibilities not limitations and to push himself beyond his comfort zone, what greater pep talk can I give to him than my own example? Thoughts of him will power my rowing strokes and strengthen my resolve to cross the finish line in record time. I am confident that Team Antigua Island Girls will do this.

Via this medium, I’m issuing a call for people to rally around us. Your financial donations will get us to the start line; your moral support will help bring us home.

We’ve chosen Cottage of Hope as our charity. Contributions in that regard will go a long way to help girls who have been dealt a rough hand find a stable path.

Please give with a generous heart, of your financial resources, your time by volunteering in the area of your expertise, and by cheering us on.

In the words of the calypsonian, Young Destroyer, “They can’t beat me when I’m defending my flag.” We are going to make you all proud of us.



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