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Junella King


She’s at present juggling CXCs with training, and the TWAC is tailormade for the path 17-year-old Junella has set for herself. Her sport is sailing – which she’s been doing for three years – and her passion is sailing. Junella juggles school and her sport with part-time employment as a RYA dingy sailing instructor. Her interest in the Challenge was stoked when Team Wadadli, post race, visited her school, All Saints Secondary. “They talked about their experience and showed us around the boat and, since then, I knew I was going to do this,” she said. She’s keen to represent Antigua and Barbuda and to stake a bid to being among the champions.

Letter from Junella

Please support us

I thought long and hard before deciding to throw my hat into the ring to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018.

Even before I had made up my mind, my family was supportive. What made me certain that I could do this was the confidence that my sailing family at the National Sailing Academy had in me. They encouraged me, knowing my ability, my competitive nature and how much I love new experiences.

I became a certified RYA dinghy sailing instructor in 2017. Right now I am completing my last year at All Saints Secondary and juggling Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) with practicing for the upcoming row.  I will be a freshly minted 18 year old when the race begins.

I know that Team Antigua Island Girls can do this with support and donations.

I am asking you to give with a generous and kind heart of your financial resources and your time. This will ensure our participation and help us raise funds for our charity, Cottage of Hope.



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